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Meet Babette Kind, the mind and heart behind Kind Moment.

Movement and conscious living has been interwoven in her life.

She started inner work at a young age, as she knew life was not meant to be lived in pain, conflict and control.


She wanted to feel alive, move freely and confident in life, full of energy and compassion, and searched for methods, practices and tools that support this way of being and living. 

Here at Kind Moment, she shares, coaches and builds experiences to help create a joyful, conscious and connected life. 

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About Kind Moment

Kind Moment started in 2018 as a project to spread kindness and to connect people with their body, mind and breath, as this leads to more presence within, and without. 


We are living in a fast paced world, with lots of distraction, people and opportunities which can easily get you off your feet. It can lead to a life lived based on concepts and beliefs that may not even be our own. When we are unaware of the driving forces behind our choices and behavior, we may end up somewhere we don´t even like. How do we know? Our body will tell.

Luckily, we are human. We have a body that feels. Even when the brain is overly active, we can access our body to find our navigation back. However, when the brain and the heart are out of balance for too long, ´issues´ may arise. This can happen on a physical, emotional and/or mental level. 

These so called ´issues´ are most often seen as something we need to get rid of. We believe this very thought is a dysfunctional belief in our society. We believe that physical tension is a starting point, which is not to be cured, but for instance to be improved by functional behavior. We believe that our emotions are important messengers in our evolution, telling us where we need healing, compassion and understanding. 

We believe that mental tension is created by the mind, because it cannot yet be fully present with ´what is´, most often, stillness, acceptance and letting go of control mechanisms are needed. 


We believe there is nothing wrong with all tension we humans experience. We are here to experience it all.

The cure is in the acceptance of what is. In seeing yourself (and the people around you) trough new eyes over and over again. In letting go of all the stories you have told yourself (and others) to be. To move freely in life, to let yourself experience new experiences, to heal, to grow and surprise yourself in who you are becoming, over and over again.

We are here now, at this moment, helping you grow in that life.

We don´t know where we are going either. Moving, breathing, enjoying life, doing the best we can, every day.

Get in touch

I´m always happy to have a chat, start new programs and work on new projects. Feel free to reach out to me.

+31 (0)6 481 47 147

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