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Bodywork | Choose your focus

In our Bodywork programs, we have integrated various proven practices that help you connect with what is present within you (think of tension, emotions, stiffness, resistence etc). Often times we try to get rid of what is inside, however this is not solving the root cause. You need to feel it, before it can heal.

We guide you trough this process, regulating the nervous system and help you release what needs to. Next to this, we talk about building new experiences, leading to more presence, joy and confidence in life. 

Location, intake & bookings

The Bodywork sessions can take place in Noordwijk (Voorstraat 133), at Liv Yoga in Leiden or online. The sessions can be held in English or Dutch. 

We will schedule an intake and discuss your needs. 

From that moment onwards, we will create the best suitable program for you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Babette via or

06-48 147 147.


Posture & Mobility Improvement | Energy level Coaching

Have you seen yourself on pictures, getting the grinch of your own posture? Do you want to feel young(er), more spacious and flexibile? Move more freely and efficient? Do you want to keep-up your energy levels during the day, without coffee, sugar etc? 

Then, this is your program! We will be clear right from the start, you will do most of the work in this program. A balanced, strong and charged body is not build in a day, it is build by consistency and maintenance.

That said, we are here to guide you build it. Starting with spinal health and alignment, increasing overall strength and mobility. As a result, your energy levels will rise, you will start to move better, want to eat better and sleep better. 

Program Elements:

  • Movement Practices 

  • CranioSacral Relaxation

  • Coaching & Integration


Emotional & Physical Tension Release | Coaching

Do you have difficulties to stay present? Are you easily triggered and/or emotionally overwhelmed? Do you feel like life is asking too much from you? Do you feel stressed, tensed and disconnected from your body and/or feelings?

Than the Release & Restore Sessions are a good fit for you.

In these sessions, we focus on regulating physical, emotional and mental tension using body & mind practices combined with breathing exercises and CranioSacral Relaxation.

In a session you will get a better understanding how to release tension, how to use your body and breath as a tool to release and restore your nervous system. 

Program Elements:

  • Body- and Breathwork

  • CranioSacral Relaxation

  • Coaching & Integration


Body Awareness & Inner-Confidence Coaching

Are you easily blown-by-the-wind? In need of an anker in yourself?

Are you worried about what other people think, often make things personally and feel you are in need of a deeper connection with yourself? Is it difficult to access your needs and communicate about them clearly?

This is your program! In the Body Awareness & Inner-Confidence Program, we will build a strong anker from within. These sessions are focussed on exploring your body and needs by movement, breathing exercises and coaching. We will explore the blockages that hold you back in your day to day life, and practice how you can move and communicate more clearly about who you are and what you want. 

During this program you will work on strengthening the connection within, focussing on what is present inside yourself and how you can use that as a tool to navigate trough your day to day life. 

Program Elements:

  • Body- and Breathwork

  • Movement activities

  • Coaching & Integration

A word about Kind Moment

"This retreat wasn´t just a day; it was a transformation. From mind to body, I found healing, connection, and renewal."

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