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Moments 1-on-1

Moments of kindness take place at the Centre of Body and Mind in Sassenheim of at Liv Yoga in Leiden. They can also be held at your place or online. We will discuss the possibilities beforehand. Please feel free to reach out to Babette with any questions via or 06-48 147 147.

Tension Release & Restore Session

The release and restore sessions are gentle moments where we regulate physical, emotional and mental tension using body & mind practices combined with breathing exercises and gentle touch.

In a session you will get a better understanding how to release tension, and use your breath as a tool to release and restore yourself.


Breathwork  & Body Awareness | 3-sessions

The mind and the breath are intimately connected and the

activity of one affects the other. Therefore, rhythmic breath control (prãnãyãma) is recommended for achieving a calm mind and a state of inner peace.

In a breathwork and body awareness session you will gain a better understanding of self-healing through diverse breathing and body awareness exercises and you will get a set of exercises to integrate in daily life. 


Private yoga | Improve posture, mobility, body awareness, strength & energylevel

When starting with private yoga classes, we assess what you need during the first session. From there we build a practice that supports your goal. This may vary from gaining mobility, flexibility and strenght, to feeling more relaxed, spacious and energetic in your body and mind. 
For the best results, it is suggested to work with a minimum of 3 sessions. 


Private or business Retreats | day & week retreats

Kind Moment offers Retreats on Request for private groups and companies at the most beautiful retreat locations in Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. When you are interested in organizing a business retreat week for your company, feel free to reach out to Babette for more details, project planning and onsite execution.

Words about Kind Moment

"This retreat wasn´t just a day; it was a transformation. From mind to body, I found healing, connection, and renewal."

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